Twenty-nine years in the history of a printing house

Most people probably hope to celebrate their birthday in a memorable way. This mid-April is definitely exceptional – in the face of a pandemic, we celebrated the 29th birthday of the KOPA printing house. While quarantine restrictions prevented the entire team from gathering and blowing out birthday cake candles live, a joyful mood flew from one electronic inbox to another.

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Memorabilia Receive Another Prestigious Award

We had more than one chance to celebrate this publication of unique construction and artistic value which emerges at the juncture of its authors’ talent and imagination and polygraphic quality. This time, the news is even more inspiring as Memorabilia stood out among a great number of projects in the prestigious Red Dot Award design event.

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"Daffodil" by Bahadir Aksan – a mesmerising look at getting older

It's been a few months since we last wrote about the Self Publish Riga Dummy contest and its winner Bahadir Aksan. We are happy to announce that after working closely with the designer Tom Mrazauskas and Kaunas Photography Gallery, it is now a finished project that will be first presented to the public eye in Kaunas, March 7th 2019.

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New face – the same values

On July 31st 2018, the majority of KOPA team started working in our new home that was just built in Kaunas Free Economic Zone. This extremely important projects has been in the works for a while, but we can only reflect on the road that we've traveled once we've seen the result with our own eyes.

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Le festival « Les rencontres d'Arles » a nommé trois livres qui sont imprimés dans l'imprimerie « KOPA »

Le festival « Les Rencontres d’Arles » est l'un des événements photographiques les plus grands et les plus importants d'Europe. Cette année, les auteurs et les artistes se sont réunis pour la 49ème fois dans la ville historique du sud de la France (le premier festival apparu durant l’été 1970). L’événement est toujours accompagné de la sélection des meilleurs albums photos, qui attire chaque année des centaines de participants du monde entier.

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27th KOPA birthday in a new printing house

Friday April 13 was a festive day for the KOPA printing house as the employees gathered in its new premises still under construction to celebrate the company’s 27th birthday. We are planning to move in very soon and we’d been looking for an occasion to look around for some time, and our curiosity was more than satisfied.

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More than a recipe book: Lee Miller: A Life with Food, Friends & Recipes

A book by Ami Bouhassane, Lee Miller: A Life with Food, Friends & Recipes, has won the cookbook category at the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

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Two publications printed by the KOPA printing house are among the award winners

Every year, we wait impatiently for the results of the "Book Art" competition organised by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. Our country can hardly complain about any lack of artistic creative publications - 54 publishers presented as many as 116 books for the competition. The results of this competition are very important not only for publishers and printing houses, but also for designers and students, as well as for anyone interested in the possibilities or trends in the field of design and printing.


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« Bleu » et « Man next door » entre dans les 10 meilleures livres de la photographie en 2017 selon « Libération »

Les livres et les albums photographiques sont des publications dont la production exige une précision et une exactitude particulière, tant dans la préparation des photographies que dans la qualité de la presse. Il y a des dizaines, même des centaines de concours dans le monde chaque année. Diverses listes sont publiées : les meilleures, les plus belles, les plus créatives publications. De nombreux auteurs espèrent que leurs livres d'art ou leurs albums de photos soient remarqués, mais c’est très difficile car la concurrence est vive. Pour cette raison, il est toujours lucratif d’apprécier le dur travail des auteurs.

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The task of artists is to bring a building for a new life

Famous creators of Kaunas, who are known for their projects not only in the city but also in the country, once again reveal their talent in the territory of the printing house KOPA. The need for culture, beauty and aesthetics lies in the history and mission of our company. We work with books, magazines, design and paper - these things leave a striking mark in mind, develop and inspire.

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